Beyond The Brick - New Member Building


The work culture is changing, demanding new and innovative ways to connect not only with technology, but also each other. Our Chamber is going BEYOND THE BRICK by providing a building that offers our members state-of-the-art work options, including co-working space, dedicated office opportunity and conference room availability.

Opens Summer 2020!
Building Features


  • 8,000+ SF Class A Office Space

  • 4,000+ SF Co-Working Space*

  • 2,800+ SF Chamber Offices 

  • 1,200+ SF Lease Space for 7 Offices 

  • Board Room and 3 Conference Rooms* with A/V equipment  

  • Workroom with Printer  

  • Coffee Bar 

  • Wi-Fi 

*Added services for nominal fee 

Interested in Leasing?
Call 817-837-1000 or text metroport to 554-98.
Building Benefits


  • New address on Business 114: 381 West Byron Nelson Blvd., Roanoke 

  • Professional address for Google Maps 

  • Services exclusive to Chamber members

  • Leasing space for:

    • Incubator ideas

    • Start ups

    • Off-site or temporary office   

  • Available conference rooms for special projects, off-site brainstorming sessions, podcasting, corporate retreats and more

  • On-site Chamber team

  • Access to Chamber programs, workshops and social events

  • Organic networking, working side-by-side with fellow Chamber members 


Beyond The Brick - Capital Campaign

Invest in Your Building! A Building Designed for the Membership!


Our goal is to raise $600,000 in cash commitments and in-kind contributions over the next three years to help fund construction, furniture, equipment and rebranding.

Legacy Wall


  • $60,000 Legacy - Logo on Legacy Wall and exclusive naming rights of 
    the board room or 1 of 2 co-working spaces

  • $30,000 Benefactor - Logo on Legacy Wall and exclusive naming rights of 1 of 3 conference rooms

  • $15,000 Visionary - Logo on Legacy Wall

  • Name on Legacy Wall

    • $10,000 Leader 

    • $5,000 Steward

    • $2,500 Supporter

    • $1,000 Contributor 

    • $500 Builder

  • Purchase a Donor Brick to be installed in front of Chamber office