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2023-2024 Regional Advantage Leadership Class Announced

We're excited to unveil the next group of regional leaders who have been accepted into the 2023-2024 Regional Advantage Leadership Class sponsored by Charles Schwab.

The Metroport Chamber's goal for the leadership program is crystal clear: to cultivate leaders who are not only passionate about our region but also are armed with the perspective and skills to create a more prosperous and sustainable future.

Our participants will be embarking on a unique experience that goes beyond traditional leadership education. They will be challenged to think big, to embrace the complexities of our region, and to cultivate a mindset that thrives on innovation and solution-oriented thinking.

So, let's raise our hats to this next class as they step into a year of growth, exploration, and leadership excellence!

Lancine Bentley, Town of Northlake

Alexander Brown, McAdams Co.

Jannibah Coleman, Charles Schwab & Co.

Leigh Anne Coughran, Frost Bank

Jean Frazier, JA Design Solutions

Morgan Hamilton, SVN Trinity Advisors

Dee Dee Hawman, Texas Health

Shannon Henson, Metroport Chamber

Bryson Hurt, My Home Windows

Robert Keeker, Firefly Landscapes, LLC.

Andrie Krahl, Atmos Energy

Robert Krebs, Charles Schwab & Co.

Irene Lee, Fidelity Investments

Meredith Martin, GRACE

Trish Nicols, Northwest ISD

Roberto Perez, Comfort Suites

Dana Pollard, Dana Pollard Group

Marie Reinke, McAdams Co.

David Sherier, Peloton Land Solutions

Kristine Stewart, C1S Group

Kenneth Tillman, Wade Trim

Donald Tucker, Medical City Alliance

Robert Watkins, 28th State Real Estate Group

Austin Weedor, Maja Commercial Janitorial Services, LLC

Harrison Wicks, Town of Argyle



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