Tips for a Great Market Table!

Market Tables are a great way to promote your products,  services or event to fellow Chamber members. Market Tables are available at Membership Luncheons and some special events. In order to get the best ROI, treat your Market Table the same as exhibiting at a trade show. Don't wait until the last minute. Prep in advance for greatness. But don't worry - you can do it on a much smaller budget!

Market Table Best Practices

-Identify your goals. What do you want to accomplish?
Build awareness? Leads? Hand-out flyers?
-Stand in front of your table. Not behind it.
-Use a tablecloth.
-Invest in a standalone presentation board like a banner stand or tabletop display.
-Use your laptop or iPad to display slideshows or video about your company, product and/or service.
-Don't wait for people to come to you. Be engaging with a smile and a handshake. Be friendly, but not aggressive.
-Got someone at the table? Ask about them, first. Who they and what they do. They'll respond in-kind.

-Give away something people want. King-size candy bars. Hot popcorn. Exclusive coupons.
-Create buzz with humor or a stunt. Do you juggle? Know any magic tricks?
-Have an interactive contest. Spin the wheel for a prize!
-Collect business cards for a drawing for your product.
-Contribute a really awesome door prize to the Chamber. You'll get a second 'shout out' at the end of the luncheon.
-Reach out to fellow Chamber members beforehand. Invite them to meet you at your booth.
-Consider an ad in Chamber Marketplace inviting people to stop by your booth.
-Follow up FAST. Immediately follow-up with leads. Send thank you notes to all business cards collected.
-NOTE: All market tables at our membership luncheons receive a copy of all business cards collected for our door prize drawings!
For more information on reserving a Market Table at our next Membership Luncheon or Special Event, please contact Erica Strain at or 817-837-1000.


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