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Erica Cawley: Ambassador of the Month for January

Congratulations to Erica Cawley, the Chamber's Ambassador of the Month for January 2024!

Before becoming DFW'S Charcuterie Artist at Board + Brie, Erica moved from Massachusetts to assist with the expansion of Fidelity Investments in Westlake Texas, while overseeing an organization with over 60 billion dollars in transactions yearly.


In 2012 Erica and her husband Ryan became parents, they decided Erica would stay home to raise their family.  Together they have two healthy, intelligent and athletic children, Hailey 11, Ryan 9 and a 4 year old Chihuahua, Rex!


While Erica was a "stay at home parent" she also found ways to continue building her resume.  During this time she worked remotely as a virtual assistant in the real estate and mortgage industry. 


Board + Brie was a dream that fell in Erica's lap, a way to continue building her resume and also work with her best friend, Lane Tunstall.  Lane and Erica work as a team balancing the day to day of running a busy charcuterie shop while performing the tasks that the other doesn't enjoy, they are opposites!  In addition to the day to day of building charcuterie creations, Erica oversees the client experience, website design, events, sales and also teaches charcuterie classes.  For 2024, Erica is focusing on expanding their client base and growing their corporate lunch experiences. 


Erica has been in the Metroport Chamber with Board + Brie since late 2022, and was awarded the Ambassador of the Month (July 2023), Ambassador of the Quarter (Q2-2023) and John Albanese Ambassador of the Year, 2023.


In Erica's spare time, she loves spending time with her family, watching her children on the basketball court, working out with her husband, volunteering at Roanoke Elementary and working on her famous community event, The Annual Roanoke Community Trunk or Treat.  Her hobbies include: graphic design, muscle cars, and doing her nails... what a combination! 

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