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We're known as one of the friendliest chambers in the Metroplex, and we're super proud of that. We work hard to create a welcoming environment where business, industry and community can meet, get to know each other and work together. 

We also provide great value for businesses. Your time is short, and we want to provide you with the greatest impact. With several communities joining together in one chamber of commerce, you can cast a wider net for relationship-building. Plus! You can hear the latest economic development news that impacts our different communities all in one place.

But don't worry about us getting too big. Our small town roots starting back in 1988 remind us that connections made with a hand shake and face-to-face interaction are the strongest. So, we work to provide a variety of networking opportunities and audiences, from big to small. You're sure to find your perfect niche at the Metroport Chamber.

We invite you to come check us out at our next event. We look forward to meeting you!

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